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Huge game room
Seating for large groups or meetings
Charger ticket drawings after each Monday Night Football game!


All sandwiches are served on a fresh baked toasted Italian roll with over 1/4 lb of meat. Add a big bag of chips for only .30 cents. Choices of chips are Sour Cream, BBQ, Cool Ranch, Nachos and Plain. Add a salad bar for .93 cents.

Rossi's Famous Hot Submarine

1/4 lb of ham plus pepperoni, salami, pizza sauce and Provolone cheese, baked and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and house dressing.

The Hat Trick Club

1/4 lb of turkey and 1/4 lb of ham, topped with real bacon strips, lettuce, tomatoes and melted Provolone cheese.

The TBA Sandwich

1/4 lb of hot turkey and bacon strips with avocado, lettuce, tomatos and melted Provolone cheese toasted to perfection.

Rossi's Hot Roast Beef

1/4 lb of deli roast beef with lettuce, tomatos and Cheddar cheese toasted in the oven and topped with tangy horseradish sauce.

BBQ Roast Beef

Roast beef with Bull's Eye bbq sauce, red onions & melted Cheddar cheese.

Hot Pastrami

Pastrami with lettuce, tomato, melted Swiss cheese & mustard.

Hot Meatball (The coaches favorite)

Four meatballs smothered in sauce & topped with meted Provolone.

The Umpires Hot Pastrami

Pastrami with lettuce, tomato, melted Swiss cheese & mustard.

The Ground Rule Double

Hot Chicken Breast and Cheese - 1/2 lb* of oven baked Chicken Breast with lettuce, tomato, and melted provolone cheese, and house dressing.

Chicken Parm Sandwich

1/2lb* of Oven Baked chicken Breast with Rossi’s famous marinara sauce and cheese.

The Chic Hern

lb* of Oven Baked Chicken Breast smothered in Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce, red onions, & topped with cheese.

The Double Play

2 meatballs & 1 Italian sausage smothered in marinara sauce & topped with bell peppers & melted provolone cheese.

Hot Italian Sausage

Spicy Italian sausage smothered in marinara sauce and topped with bell peppers and. melted provolone cheese.

The Rookies Veggie

Mushrooms, green peppers, olives, Red onions, tomatoes, topped with melted Provolone cheese!

The Relief Pitchers BLT

6 Slices of lean bacon, with lettuce & tomatos, topped with melted provolone cheese.

Hot Ham and Cheese

Ham with lettuce, tomato, and melted Swiss cheese

Hot Turkey and Cheese

Deli Turkey Breast with lettuce, tomato, melted Provolone cheese and house dressing.

California Cheesesteak

I don’t know how they do it in Philly, but here’s how we do it in California. We start with 1/4 1b of steak, sauté it in garlic butter with red onions and Provolone cheese.

Add fresh cut green peppers and mushrooms.
Add chips, fries or salad bar

The Rossi Burger

1/2 lb. fresh ground chuck roast (Yes we actually buy the roast and grind it ourselves) flame broiled to your liking, with lettuce, fresh sliced tomatos, red onions and pickles on the side. Your choice of Cheddar, Swiss or Provolone cheese.

Add bacon, avocado, fries or salad bar
Add mushrooms, jalapeños, pepperoni, salami, or peppers
Add BBQ sauce, mayo, 1000 island, ranch, marinara sauce, ketchup, mustard, or pickles

1/4 lb* extra meat (double meat), avocado or bacon
Extra cheese

All pastas come with garlic bread

Rossi's Homemade Lasagna (House specialty)

Made from scratch in our kitchen, it’s an old Italian family recipe. Authentic Italian lasagna like grandma used to make (if she was from Italy).We use only the finest ingredients. A generous portion.


A delicious pasta shell stuffed with ricotta cheese and server with our famous Rossi’s marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese.


Premium quality pasta served with our famous Rossi’s marinara sauce topped with freshly grated 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese. (sausage extra)

Chicken Parmigiana

Tender, boneless, oven baked chicken breast baked in our oven from scratch, seasoned with garlic and our own special seasoning, and topped with Rossi’s famous marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese on a bed of pasta.

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Fresh Garden Salad Bar (one time thru only)
Large Salad Bar with garlic bread
Antipasto Salad

Crisp, fresh garden salad with fresh grated mozzarella cheese, fresh cut mushrooms, green peppers, & red onions, Lindsey black olives, Pepperoncinis, Salami and pepperoni. Comes with garlic bread. (half order available)

The Chicken Salad

Crisp, fresh garden salad with sliced tomatoes, fresh grated Mozzarella cheese, fresh cut mushrooms, green peppers,& Red onions, topped with tender oven baked chicken made from scratch with our own special seasoning, and garlic bread.(half order available)

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No substations on specialty pizzas. All pizzas come with xtra cheese
Sizes - M-12” L-14” XL-16”




Chicken Ranch Pizza

Pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, and sausage

Meat Marvel
Pepperoni, bacon, salami, sausage, and beef

Mr. Semi-Healthy
Artichoke hearts, tomatoes, onions, and fresh garlic

Blondie’s Lite
Olive oil, tomatoes, fresh garlic, sweet basil, and parmesan cheese

Bacon, tomatoes, fresh garlic, and sliced avocado

Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and olives

No Guts, No Glory
Jalapeños, onions, pepperoni, and spicy Italian sausage

San Diego Chicken
Bull’s-eye bbq sauce, diced chicken, and red onions

Pepperoni, sausage, and olives

Canadian bacon, pineapple, and cashews

Boars Breath
Pepperoni, red onions, and fresh garlic

Chicken Ranch Pizza
Baked chicken breast with ranch and Jalapenos and red onions
The Slow Pitch pepperoni, jalapenos, & pineapple

Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, ground beef, salami, black olives, sausage, pineapple, sliced tomatoes, Canadian bacon, anchovies, jalapenos, fresh garlic, turkey, bacon, chicken*, artichoke hearts, cashews, avocado*,

* Counts as two toppings


Broasted Chicken
Rossi’s is the Broaster Chicken franchise for San Marcos. See Rossi’s starts with raw chicken, which we marinate over night in Broaster marinade. Then we bread it in Broaster breading, and deep fry it in a Broaster, which is a pressurized fryer. The Broaster process locks in all the juices, and makes the chicken extra tender and juicy. We also use California Rice Bran Oil, which has no cholesterol, saturated fat, or Tran fatty acids. It costs twice as much as other oils, but is a lot healthier, and we feel our customers are worth it.

Chicken Dinner
Broasted Chicken dinner with fries
add a salad

Chicken Strips
Strips of tender juicy chicken with fries
add a salad


The Ref’s Delicious Garlic Butter Bread Sticks
8 Bread Stixs, smothered in Rossi’s famous home made garlic butter, and served with our famous Rossi’s Marinara sauce.

Rossi’s Original Tabasco Hot Wings of Fire
8 pieces, an old time favorite

Broasted Chicken Wings of the Month
Made from scratch in our kitchen marinated and breaded with the famous Broasted Chicken ingredients, 10 pieces

The 18 Yard Line Garlic Cheee Crisp
14” extra thin pizza with our own homemade garlic butter, sweet basil, & mozzarella cheese.

The Bench Warmers Cheesy Garlic Bread
Garlic bread, topped with melted provolone cheese and served with our famous Rossi’s Marinara sauce.

Home Run Pizza Bread
Our famous garlic bread, with our famous marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Breaded Mozzarella Cheese Stix
6 pieces

Fastball Jalapeno Poppers
6 pieces, "Cream cheese filled Jalapenos"

Rossi’s Combo Platter
2 wing of month, 2 poppers, 2 cheese sticks, 2 onion rings

Slam Dunk Basket of Fries

The 3 Pointer Basket of Beer Battered Onion Rings

Soft Pretzels

Ice Cream Sundae, Churros, Chocolate Cake, Apple Pie or Peach Pizza, All la Mode, Cinnamon Crisp

Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Hi C Fruit Punch, Dr Pepper, Minute Maid Lemonade, Barqs, Powerade, and Nestea Raspberry Ice tea. Shangri-La Passion Fruit Ice Tea Fresh Brewed Daily, no sugar.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Our Sauce Line

Rossi's California Farms Marinara Sauce is made from fresh ripe California tomatoes, picked from the vine & put directly into the can. No processing, not from concentrate: just tomatoes & seasoning, nothing more. What a concept!

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